Home Q&A

1. Q: What's your main supply?

A: We try to keep the focus on simple, unique but also high-end eyeglasses.

We have two ways to develop the partnership with you:

If you have your own designs, we can produce them for you specially.

If you are looking forward to the free MOQ business, we can offer you our well-ready-made catalogs.

2. Q: MOQ & Delivery time?

A: Simply, your own design with MOQ 300 pieces with 3 colors. Delivery time 45-60 days. our ready well stocks can be free MOQ and can ship to you within one week.

3. Q: Can I put my own logo on? How much it is?

A: Yes, your customized logo can be put on and in most situations, it can be free of charge.

4. Q: How about the quality? And quality guarantee?

A: We only keep the focus on high-end supplies and they are all 100% quality guaranteed.

5. Q: Can I get a test order first before bulk purchase?

A: Yes, you can start a test order first. we'll keep the same price for your trial order.

6. Q: How long to make a sample? And does the sample fee refundable or not?

A: Your own design usually costs 3-4 weeks to do the samples well. our stocks can be in one week. and if you pay the extra sample cost, we'll refund 50% to you in the later bulk purchase order.

7. More contact ways?

A: Pls write to jack@ibex-design.com, or +86 17606773993.